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Spriggles softcover set

Softcover set

Enjoy the entire softcover Spriggles Motivational Book series at this value price. Buy all three and SAVE!
Spriggles Health & Nutrition

Spriggles: Health & Nutrition

(Softcover / 32 full-color pages) Using a fun, interactive style, Spriggles: Health & Nutrition motivates your child to make correct nutritional choices, practice proper hygiene, and develop healthy habits.
Spriggles Activity & Exercise

Spriggles: Activity & Exercise

(Softcover / 32 full-color pages) Help your child discover the joy of life away from the TV set. Spriggles: Activity & Exercise highlights some of the many fun games, activities, and exercises your child can participate in which enhance both emotional and physical development.
Spriggles Inspiration

Spriggles: Inspiration

(Softcover / 32 full-color pages) Impart uplifting, inspirational values which will set your child on the path of positive achievement and emotional growth with Spriggles: Inspiration!


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