Everyone's talking about Spriggles!

“Spriggles is perfect! As superintendent, each month I read to a different elementary class. I try to choose a book that is not only entertaining, but contains a strong and uplifting message for students and will engage them in some meaningful dialogue.”

Dr. Paula Papponi, former Superintendent
Jemez Valley, NM


“I teach preschool and the children love your book. Great book!”

Annette Kelley, Owner
“Annette’s Wiggles and Giggles” preschool


“Remarkable and highly recommended…reviewer’s choice!”

James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review


“They are great! Five stars!”

Jenny Wanderscheid


“…a unique and enticing book which children adore. It engages both parent and child in an interactive guessing game which makes reading the book extra special fun for both adult and child. I am recommending it to my Head Start Policy Council.”

Bernice Gordon, Head of Parent Involvement
New York City Head Start


“Beautiful job! The inspiration and motivation the messages deliver are simple, powerful, and BIG smile provoking.”

Rexanne Mancini
Parenting Web Review


“My three year-old daughter loves her Spriggles book. We read it almost every night at bedtime and she loves to open the flaps and encourage the characters. It is a great way to keep her engaged in our nightly reading time.”

Kristin McDonald-Stone, Former Director
Michigan Head Start Association


“The Spriggles book series provides a great foundation for teaching children to be responsible and positive learners. Their emphasis on goal setting is a critical building block to all learning that takes place in children’s lives.”

Pam Griffith, teacher
Rose Pioneer Elementary, Holly, MI


“…kids of all ages will enjoy Spriggles!”

National Children’s Literacy Foundation


“As an educator, I review many educational and motivational materials. Spriggles Motivational Books for Children should be in in every parent’shome as well as all school libraries. These inspirational books inspire, educate and encourage children to be the best they can be in all the ‘right’ ways. It’s a really fun way for children to learn the important things in life. These books are a wonderful way to invest in the future of all children. I give them my ‘highest’ recommendation and endorse them for all parents.”

Barbara Joy Clarke, Educator and author of
“How to Have Amazing Kids – A Simple and Sensible Guide to Raising Children”
President of ClarkeHouse – the House that Builds GOOD Citizens


“Gets kids started early on eating right, exercising, and forming positive images of their body. Spriggles motivates kids to move..and most importantly, have fun.”

Marie E. Saunders, Fitness Professional
1998 / 1999 International Aerobic Champion


“Spriggles provides all the right messages our children need to lead them on the path of positive achievement and emotional growth.”

Peter Lowe
Success Strategist™


“The illustrations are cute and appealing, and the message of the book is expressed in such a clever way. The rhyming of the text creates extra enjoyment for the young at heart.”

Kim Collins, Mom and Science Discovery Teacher
Mt. Clemens, MI


“As liaison to the homeless children and youth, I take it with me as I go to several schools. They all join in excitedly as I read your book.”

Nita Elks, Homeless Liaison
Rapides Parish, Louisiana


“…should ‘take off’…it’s about self-esteem and the rhymes are really cute.”

Publisher’s Weekly


“…very creative and the purpose behind it extremely honorable.”

Anthony Robbins
Motivational Speaker and Author
“Personal Power”

These comments were received from the Concorde Academy of Boyne City, Michigan, following a school visit by the authors.

“I love your Spriggles books. I read it every day after school. It encourages me before tests.”


“I really appreciate it that you came in and shared your inspiration with us. I hope I can write a book like you when I grow up.”

Andy M.

“I really like what you taught us. I really enjoy all your books.”


“Thank you for coming here to talk about your books. I liked your poems because they were really funny. You use rhyming words well.”

Amanda T.

“I think it’s really nice that you created this wonderful book.”


“My favorite saying is ‘Aim high, Butterfly.’ I think the reason that you wrote this book is because you want us to keep trying.”


“Everyone in the book worked together. They tried their hardest. I feel special when I wear fancy clothes just like Pete Porcupine.”

Becky H.

“My favorite book was the first one because of one of the sayings. It was ‘Study hard, Saint Bernard.’ It inspires me to study as hard as I can.”

Spencer K.

“Thank you for coming. That was the best part of my day. I read the book all the time.”

Emily B.

“My favorite things are the illustrations.”

Brendan B.